The Change Management Conference

We often look for either/or solutions in a both/and world.   No one person or work group has all the answers in the ever-changing workplace.  The 2014 Change Management event brings together the community of business leaders and change professionals to share experiences, insights and best practices. 

Change is changing. 
Join the discussion as change executives and practitioners present breakthrough thinking on new frameworks, roles and responsibilities for driving change at all levels.

Managing strategy is managing change.
Learn from those whose coaching conversations made all the difference for individuals, teams and executives, who made change happen.

Navigating the speed, uncertainty and complexity of change can be overwhelming. 
Learn to assess and communicate where you are today and discover proven strategies for engaging hearts and minds moving forward. 


  • Creating a Productive-Ready Workforce
  • Breakthrough THinking: Changing the Way We Change Together
  • Briding the Gap between People and Possibilities
  • PANEL: High Impact Coaching for Organizational Change
  • Be a Change Ninja
  • A Professional Pivot Point: Change Management Standards and Certification
  • CASE STUDY: Predicting and Addressing Resistance to Change at an Individual Level
  • Adoption and Usage: The ROI of Change
  • Transformational Change: The Journey and the Reward

for further information , download the full agenda

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