Creating Sustainable Companies Summit  
The summit will examine best practice and policy for sustainable corporate governance, based on the emerging consensus that companies should focus on creating long-term value while contributing to societal and environmental sustainability. The event will bring together leading thinkers, businesses, policymakers and civil society to chart the way to the next generation of corporations.    
The results for the 2016 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index.  
The Global 100 process begins each year on October 1, when the starting universe for the index is established. Companies in the starting universe are put through four screens, and the companies that emerge constitute the Global 100 Shortlist. Companies in the Shortlist are then scored on the priority KPIs for their particular GICS Industry. The top overall performers from each GICS Sector are named to the final Global 100, subject to the number of slots reserved for each GICS Sector.    
CSR Europe's GA, 18 June, and the 'Last Call to Europe 2020' conference, 19 June  
With five years remaining until 2020, this conference is a “Last Call” to get on board with Enterprise 2020, CSR Europe’s flagship initiative for enterprises to contribute to achieving Europe 2020 objectives for a smart, sustainable and inclusive Europe.    
Global Impact Report Shows Diversity, Changing Dynamics of Global Philanthropy  
The report (15 Dec 2014) outlines Global Impact’s efforts and accomplishments over the past fiscal year. “We are proud of the many strides Global Impact has made this year,” said Scott Jackson, Global Impact president and CEO. “The world of global philanthropy continues to evolve—and we are honored to be a leader in this field as new trends emerge. Our activities over the past year reflect our mission: to build partnerships and raise resources for the world’s most vulnerable people. We continue to support and partner with nonprofit and for-profit organizations on our collective goal to make a positive difference in the lives of people in need around the world.”    
Corporate Governance Mentor Programme  
Corporate Governance, all about commitment, transparency, fairness and ethical business practices has lately become a pre-requisite for attaining growth worldwide. While a majority of stakeholders and market analysts trust the Companies following good Corporate Governance practices, many others are denied true recognition even though they have worthy potential, due to lack in governance initiatives. Without undermining its importance, we must realize that the concept has no boundaries    
Impact of CSR on Real Estate – Green Buildings (S9) 2 Sep 2013-Singapour)  
Real estate is a dominant form of investment and consumes more resources than any other industry on the planet. If buildings are not green, the impact on the environment is colossal, and worsening every year. The industry has not been slow to step forward with programmes of certification (such as LEED), technical advances and exciting new developments – but what is the cost, and will real estate investors reap the benefits? This course stands apart from the marketing of the industry itself, and the claims of competing consultancies in presenting an up-to-date global perspective, combining a professional real estate and finance perspective with corporate responsibility expertise on this vital part of the global environmental and corporate responsibility agenda, taught with a range of relevant worked examples and case studies both best practice and failures.    
European CSR Award Scheme  
The new European CSR Award Scheme provides a unique opportunity to promote your CSR partnerships both nationally and on a European platform. Whether you are a SME partnering a single non-business organisations, or a large company working with multiple non-business organisations, we are keen to learn how your collaboration has created positive social and business change.    
The 12th annual Responsible Business Summit (7-8th May 2013, London)  
The event that brings the business community together to meet the socio-economic challenges of 2013. Collaboration * Stakeholder Engagement * Trust * Supply Chain * Resource Constraints    
Top 50 socially responsible corporations  
These companies are making corporate social responsibility a key part of the business plan.    

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